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What is Guided Stretching?

During a guided stretching session, you'll be guided through various stretches for different muscle groups, receiving guidance on proper form, duration, and intensity. Benefits includes:

Improved Flexibility

Enhanced Joint Range

Injury Prevention

Muscle Recovery

Improved Posture

Stress Relief

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Improved Blood Circulation

Guided stretching involves following the instructions and cues of an instructor or pre-recorded voice to perform a series of stretches. It provides structured guidance on proper form, alignment, and breathing techniques, creating a supportive environment for effective and safe stretching. Through expert guidance, guided stretching maximizes the benefits of improved flexibility, muscle relaxation, and enhanced range of motion.

What to Expect?

Relaxing in our salt spa for 45 minutes, you can choose to read a book, listen to music, or take a nap .

The clean air combined with the natural anti- inflammatory and anti microbial properties of salt makes for a restful and rejuvenating experience.

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Become One With You

Book an in person session below.

  • Halo Therapy (45 Min.)

    Dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, is a great way to reset and relax in the way natural intended..
  • Guided Meditation (45 Min.)

    Discover inner peace and serenity in our meditation class at calmBEance.
  • Guided Stretching (30 Min.)

    Revitalize your body and mind in our stretching class at calmBEnace.
  • Ultimate Relaxation Package

    Healing Salt Session, Guided Meditation and Guided Stretching Class
  • Mind, Body and Spirit Package

    Holistic Health Consultation, Meditation Workshop, Stretching Class & Energy Healing Session
  • Ignite Your Intentions (3 person min.)

    Guided Trip to Tula Falls and Ignite Your Intentions To Manifest Goals & Desires
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