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Our Plans

  • Halo Therapy (45 Min.)

    Dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, is a great way to reset and relax in the way natural intended..
    • Relieve Symptoms Respiratory and Skin Conditions
    • Stress Reduction
    • Detoxification
    • Relaxation
  • Guided Meditation (45 Min.)

    Discover inner peace and serenity in our meditation class at calmBEance.
    • Stress Reduction
    • Improved Emotional Well-Being
    • Increased Focus and Concentration
    • Enhanced Cognitive Abilities
    • Physical Health Benefits
  • Best Value

    Guided Stretching (30 Min.)

    Revitalize your body and mind in our stretching class at calmBEnace.
    • Improved Flexibility
    • Enhanced Muscle Function
    • Injury Prevention
    • Reduced Muscle Tension & Stress
    • Improved Circulation
  • Ultimate Relaxation Package

    Healing Salt Session, Guided Meditation and Guided Stretching Class
    • Mind, Body and Spirit Package

      Holistic Health Consultation, Meditation Workshop, Stretching Class & Energy Healing Session
      • Ignite Your Intentions (3 person min.)

        Guided Trip to Tula Falls and Ignite Your Intentions To Manifest Goals & Desires
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